Knitting Blooms: Tutorial – Heel Flap and Gusset

This video doesn’t exist

4 Responses to “Knitting Blooms: Tutorial – Heel Flap and Gusset”

  1. farmersmarketswv Says:

    Wonderful. Concise. Cheerful. Great.

  2. Linda Says:

    where can I find the tutorial on the toe? Or have you made that yet.
    Can you tell me when knitting the socks on magic loop (two at a time) is the tail on the bottom left or right at the start of the row.

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      Which toe are you looking for. I still need to do the cuff down toe with kitchener, but if you are looking for toe-up you will find it HERE.

      As for the tail, I guess it will depend on what cast-on you use.

      Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

      • Linda Says:

        Is there a written pattern I could print for this sock pattern? My sock is cast on 64, so when I watch the video I have to keep remembering that I’m not using the same number of stitches. (I’m trying to right it down but it gets crazy to do it that way). If I could print it out I could just edit the pattern for my number of stitches. Esp. on the heel turn.
        Thanks for your help.

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