What is holding you back?

I often have people ask me if a specific project is appropriate for their skill level. But often times I ask myself, how will you ever get to the next skill level if you don’t take leaps and try projects that might be a little more difficult than the projects you have been working on.

I know how intimidating a new technique can be, but why let it hold you back. Yarn is very forgiving and can be ripped out if it doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. And I am sure that almost everyone has scrap yarn that they can use for practice, and if you don’t then go out and by a cheap skein for just that purpose.

When I look at a project or a technique that I haven’t done I just consider it another notch in my knitting belt. It is just something new to learn.

So tell me, what is holding you back from trying new projects or techniques?


One Response to “What is holding you back?”

  1. Karen Berthine Says:

    Too many projects already, not enough time. 🙂

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