Knitting Blooms – EP21 – Its all about the Challenge

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Saturday,  September 17,  2011


Felted Clogs Pattern – My Project Page – Still not felted


Sock Yarn Blanket PatternMy Project Page – no current progress
Lady Eleanor PatternMy Project Page – no current progress
Bacardi Pattern – Bacardi – KALMy Project Page – no current progress
En Pointe Pullover Pattern – My Project Page – no current progress
Basic SocksMy Project Page – Frogged and restarted the first sock
Podcaster Challenge ProjectSeed Stitch & Cable BagMy Project Page


Yarn Hollow – BFL & Tussah Silk TopMy Stash Page – no current progress
Four Rivers Yarn & FiberMy Stash Page – no current progress

Spin-A-LongRainlover Knits Group on RavelryRainlover Knits Podcast

Miscellaneous Stuff

Podcaster ChallengeKnittings my Bag

Mother Bear Project

Ravelry Group for the PodcastKnitting Blooms

Knit-topia Retreat – April 12 – 22, 2012
Donations Received this week for Knit-topia 2012
Lantern Moon

Ravelry Group for Knitting RetreatKnit-topia or Knit-topia Website


7 Responses to “Knitting Blooms – EP21 – Its all about the Challenge”

  1. Jennifer Udkoff Toby Says:

    Ha Ha Ha, I kind of figured you didn’t get the slippers done. Got the Saturday Night Live bear done. Just need to sew on the bells. Pictures will be up soon.

  2. J Says:

    I don’t think I like the plastic canvas look – it reminds me of the plastic kleenex box covers that were needlepointed. I think a lined fabric with a cardboard covered with medium weight interfacing and fabric would given a sturdy but less stiff look.

  3. J Says:

    Consider the use of a box bag that has a grommet inserted in the end of it. Many box bag makers will make them with or without. That way the yarn can feed thru that hole and the yarn stays clean and secure inside. I know Piddleloop will make them this way. A seller at Sock Summit had bags with the hole in the front. That works well too. Since you prepare your own I am sure you can buy the grommet tool and insert into a new bag and figure out how to incorporate into box bags you already own.

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      The one thing I don’t like about using a grommet is that when you put your project away you have a bit of yarn outside of the bag. I find that is more the time that something happens to the project then when I am actually working on it. I guess I just need to give both box bags and grommets another chance.

  4. tgknits Says:

    I would use a heavy fusible interfacing on you lining fabric to give it body and your the plastic canvas only in the bottom for structure.

  5. sheepishlittleblog Says:

    I agree with tgknits- fusible interfacing! It will still hang naturally without being stiff, but it won’t be so floppy.

  6. tamiknitstami T Says:

    the fusible interface was my suggestion too. I think you’ll have a better finished project with that instead of plastic canvas. and you won’t loose so much room inside.

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