Knitting Blooms – Episode 12 – OMG, more Wollmeise!

This video doesn’t exist
Update on the four projects that were started last week, spinning, and more Wollmeise Love.

Saturday, July 16,  2011


Sorry, none this week


Sock Yarn Blanket – HOLD
Lady Eleanor – HOLD
Bacardi – KALMy Project Page
Baby Surprise – HOLD
Traveling Woman’s Shawl KALMy Project page
Krayzee Kitty – Iris Mystery Shawl KAL – My Project Page – Happy Fuzzy Yarn


Yarn Hollow – BFL & Tussah Silk TopMy Stash Page
BFL – hand dyed by me

Miscellaneous Stuff


DramaticKnits – Summer Stashdown

Podcaster ChallengeKnittings my Bag

Ravelry Group for the PodcastKnitting Blooms

Ravelry Group for Knitting RetreatKnit-topia or Knit-topia Website


3 Responses to “Knitting Blooms – Episode 12 – OMG, more Wollmeise!”

  1. Pam Says:

    I love the wild colors! I’m truly a child of the 70’s, and those colors are my bag.

    I knit English style myself. I tried to learn picking, but it feels too awkward to me. I probably didn’t give it enough time. lol

  2. Betty Says:

    Could you do a short tutorial on the double stitch? I am having trouble visualizing how it works. I’d love to see your technique. Thanks.

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