Knitting Blooms – Episode 8

This video doesn’t exist
FOs’, WIPS, Spinning, Prize drawing announcement, Entralac Demo.

Sunday, June 19,  2011


Emma Lace Socks
Demeter’s Shawlette


Sock Yarn Blanket
Lady Eleanor
Bacardi – KAL
Baby Surprise
Featherweight Cardigan
Basic Socks w/ Mock Cable


Yarn Hollow – BFL & Tussah Silk Top
BFL – hand dyed by me


Knit Meter – Track your yardage


DramaticKnits – Summer Stashdown

Exchange Student in Fiberland with Mari Gayle

Ravelry Group for the PodcastKnitting Blooms

Ravelry Group for Knitting RetreatKnit-topia or Knit-topia Website


2 Responses to “Knitting Blooms – Episode 8”

  1. Tammie Pfeiffer Says:

    I have knit 2525 yards this year!
    Rav ID beefi8

  2. Tammie Pfeiffer Says:

    Ooops I found the thread on Ravelry to post the yardage. It shouldn’t be here…

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