Episode 3 – Surprises!

This video doesn’t exist

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Lady Eleanor
Emma Lace Socks
Demeter’s Shawlette
Sock Yarn Blanket
Not Quite a Cape
Knitting Like Crazy Ravelry Group – Mystery Shawl


Llady Llama Fiber Co.  – BFL Top – Mulled Wine
Yarn Hollow – BFL & Tussah Silk Top

Stash Enhancements

Lorna’s Laces Shepherds Sock – Jimmy Beans Wool
Four Rivers Yarn & FiberBFL
Four Rivers Yarn & Fiber – Merino Purples
Four Rivers Yarn & FiberGreens

New Ravelry Group for the Podcast: Knitting Blooms

Ravelry Group for Knit-topia

Knit-topia Website

Podcast Shout Outs

Yarnivore – Sadie
Knittin’ on the Fly – Katie


4 Responses to “Episode 3 – Surprises!”

  1. sue Says:

    I cant find the play screen to listen to your podcast – no use going to itunes either as I cant play videocasts for some reason.

  2. Sonya Says:

    I was able to watch about 20 minutes then it went to a commercial and shut-down saying there was an error.


    • bloomingknitter Says:

      That is interesting. If anyone else has this problem please let me know. It could have something to do with the new Blip.tv. They just redid their entire website. It is also screwing up all the podcasts in iTunes as well. Hope they get the problems fixed quickly.

      • MissyR Says:

        Hi.. I didn’t have any issues with it from iTunes today. I also wanted to say I’m really liking your podcasts, I heard about it from The Proverbial Knitter podcast shout out. I am very much like you in that I knit/crochet/spin and right now I’m on a spinning frenzy and I wanted to tell you about Spindolyn’s. It’s a supported spindle I use that I think you might find interesting. It’s great for spinning at work because you don’t have to stand up or drop it down. I have a bad back and I’m limited in alot of ways so this Spindolyn has worked out wonderfully. I’ll end with the link to their website. (it’ll run you about 35.00 total to get started and check out the video at the bottom of the page) http://www.knittinganyway.com/products/spindolyn.htm

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