Knitting Mojo

I definitely have my knitting mojo back, and I think my evening spent with my knitting friends last night really played a part. These days I don’t get to the Caribou as often as I would like to knit with my friends, but last night I went and I made a good amount of progress on my new project the Pink-O-Roma Glimmer Tee that I started on Monday.

I had every intention to work on that project again today, but alas I forgot my knitting at home, which is so unlike me. For the entire summer, when I wasn’t knitting I brought my knitting with me to work each and every day just in case I had time to knit and felt the urge to do so. Today, when I really want to knit I forgot it.

So instead I spent a good portion of the afternoon working on my Sims 3 Soap Opera Blog, which will be posted in the next few days, and I figured I should also make an appearance over here as well.

Now I am off to read for a bit. Hope everyone has a wonderful afternoon.


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