Pictures As promised

A few months ago, I purchased some very fun Jr. Jacquards in Pink-O-Roma and I have been wanting to get this sweater started, but I couldn’t decide what pattern I wanted to use.

I originally wanted to use this yarn to make this sweater the Kauni Cardigan. Which is knit in the round in a tub and then steeked up the front for the buttons and on the sides for the arm holes.


Since the yarn I wanted to use is self striping I wanted a sweater that would be simple and keep the pattern pretty even for all the pieces. What I was most worried about was neck shaping where the yarn would be broken and reattached, which would cause one side of the neck to have one pattern and the other side another pattern. And the Kauni Cardigan would have solved this problem.

But after receiving the December 2010 Knit ‘n Style magazine, I have changed my mind. And yes, I did mean December 2010. You sort of wonder why they are sending the December magazine in September, but who am I to question. Anyway, it is not very often that I knit a newly released pattern, usually I don’t even think about knitting a sweater until months or sometimes years after it has been released. That is usually as a result of the pattern becoming very popular and then I realize I really like the pattern. But this pattern just happened to be perfect for the yarn that I wanted to us.

As you can see from the diagram below, this sweater is worked without neck shaping.


Anyway, here is the sweater that I started last night. It is #29 Metallic Glimmer Tee from the December 2010 Knit ‘n Style. It isn’t even posted on Ravelry yet. It is difficult to see from this picture, but there is a small cable on each side that runs up the front for waist shaping. Because I am using a self stripping yarn I will probably eliminate this detail, but I think it would look really nice in a light solid colored sweater.

Metallic Glimmer Tee

And here is the yarn I chose to use for this sweater. It is just going to be a fun sweater for casual wear so I wanted something spunky.

Pink-O-Roma Glimmer Tee

And here are the pictures of the other projects that I have finished in the last few weeks, along with the links to my project on Ravelry.

Nimbus Sweater

DSCN0601 - KFH Nimbus Sweater

Marcia Scarf – Sage

DSCN0599 - KFH - Marcia Scarf Sage

Marcia Scarf – Burgundy

DSCN0598 - KFH - Marcia Scarf Burgundy

Janis Socks

DSCN0597 - Janis Socks

I also finished another book. Hopefully the techniques in this book will actually help me to read faster because there are so many books I want to read, and with everything else I want to do in my life there just isn’t enough time in the day.

The Speed Reading CourseThe Speed Reading Course by Peter Shepherd

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Oh, and by the way, I was right about the last book “Through the Grinder”. See my previous post for more information. I just hate it when I read a mystery and solve the crime half way through the book. At the very end they through in a little twist and I thought that maybe I was wrong, but as it turned out I was in fact right. Oh well, not too much time was wasted reading it, and the reference to coffee was quite delicious.


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