The Enablers

I have too many enablers around me.

One of my goals this year was to knit only from my stash, not including Knitting for Hire jobs. The main reason I set this goal for myself this year was because I have bin upon bin of yarn, including one huge bin overflowing with  of just sock yarn. The sock yarn bin could keep me occupied for at least a year all on its own. At last count I had enough sock yarn for at least 50 pairs of socks, and that count was more than a year ago.

Until the second week of March I was doing quite well. I had not bought a single skein of yarn. Sure I purchased knitting paraphernalia, but that was allowed, just no yarn purchases.

Then I went on a little outing with Sonya and Amy to see the cabin for Knit-A-Way. We had to pass right by Mary Maxim, and how could we pass up the opportunity to check out the store, especially since we had never been there before.

I sort of promised myself when I walked into the store that I would just look. I really didn’t need any yarn, and I had yarn for all the projects that I wanted to knit in the near future. Then I came upon the identical colorway and yarn that I used for my very favorite felted clogs, and it was heavily discounted in price. I knew that there was no way in this world I would ever find this yarn again at this price so I decided to go ahead and purchase two balls to make more slippers. As it turns out those two balls were not the only thing in my basket when I got to the check out lane. This was my first step down a very slipper slope.

The very next day I attended a Crafting Day with some friends. One of my friends was working on some luscious socks made with yarn base Minestrone from Yarn Chef. This yarn was like melted butter in your hands, I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to knit. I didn’t even think to ask if I could knit a few stitches, I just turned on my computer and proceeded directly to Yarn Chef’s Etsy shop. Before I knew it, I had checked out with my very own Minestrone sock yarn in the colorway Punk Petals.

And it just keeps going.

Today, I was surfing my friends activity on Ravelry. I just happen to come across where one of my friends marked ShibuKnits Sock as a favorite. The yarn looked so yummy that I had to visit the yarn page on Ravelry to see some of the other colorways. And of course on the very first page I found the colorway Stone and fell in love. I then wondered myself over to Simply to check out the colorways that were available and sure enough Stone was right there and waiting for me to put it in my shopping Cart.

So in under three weeks I purchase at least 12 skeins of yarn, including enough yarn for 3 more pairs of socks. The only thing I can attribute my lack of self-control on is the crappy weather we have been having. I typically love winter and all the snow, but this year I have been looking forward to spring since December.

I am planning on restarting my goal as of April 1st and I hope to keep it this time, or at least hold out longer than 3 months. We will see how it goes, I am going to Knit-A-Way at the end of April and there will be another trip to Mary Maxim.


One Response to “The Enablers”

  1. liz Says:

    I too have more in my stash than time!! How much do you charge to knit for others? Ow would I go about finding someone to help me reduce my stash??

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