Bubble Afghan



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23 Skeins Vanna’s Choice or other worsted weight yarn
Crochet hook in size J or sizes for to meet a gauge of 2.875 stitchs per inch
Optional: Size K hook or one size larger than hook used for project

Approximate finished size: 62″ x 76″

Using larger crochet hook, chain 164, or just chain very loosely with smaller hook

Change to smaller hook

Row 1: sc in second chain from hook, sc across to end (163 sts), chain 1 turn.

Row 2: sc in first sc, *trc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc, repeat from * to last 2 sts, trc in next sc, sc in last sc, chain 1 turn.

Row 3: sc across row, chain 1 turn

Row 4: sc in first 3 sc, *trc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc, repeat from * to last 4 sts, trc in next sc, sc in last 3 sc, chain 1 turn.

Row 5: repeat row 3

Repeat rows 2-5 until desired length, or until you run out of yarn.



28 Responses to “Bubble Afghan”

  1. Susie Says:

    I’m feeling a little dumb, but does trc stand for triple/treble crochet? I can’t wait to try this pattern out, I love it!

  2. plasticsurgeryinhouston Says:

    How long does something like that take?

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      It took me a little over 2 months to make, but I also completed 10 other small projects during the same time. It really is a quick project. I would say it took about an hour an a half to two hours per skein, maybe a little bit longer if I wasn’t totally focused.

  3. Pam Says:

    What would be the starting chain for a 40″ wide afghan? I would like to make a 40×40 lapghan and/or baby ghan for charity.

    Thanks Pam

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      You could cast on 116 sts and you should get about a 40″ wide afghan. Then just work until it is 40″ in length. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Pam Says:

        Thank you so much…..I’ll give it a shot! Looks cozy and something that would be good for charity crocheting…thanks again.

  4. Cindy Says:

    What is the size (oz) of your skeins? I love this afghan but I usually buy by the ounce as opposed to the # of skeins. thank you so much!!!!

  5. Roseanna Says:

    Just a quick question. Is this done in any multiples or can it be any even number to start?

    Love the pattern, I do a lot of charity crocheting also and this would be a nice one to add to my growing pile of afghans. Also, I would think it would make a nice scarf also.

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      The repeat is 4 stitches + 4 extra stitches, then follow the pattern as written. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. Roseanna Says:

    Thank you. Am printing it up now to save.

    Take care.

  7. Sara Says:

    This sounds like one that my sweetie will be able to curl up with. He is a little over six foot tall and usually sticks out from under afghans! Can’t wait to start!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sami Says:

    Is it 23 skeins or 23oz of yarn? If it is 23 skeins, it is a lot of money

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      It is 23 Skeins, but this would make a very large blanket. You can always use less yarn and just make it smaller.

  9. sallyann Says:

    What type of edging did you use on your blanket? I have finished the blanket and completed three rows of double crochet (UK) just wondered if i should use a decorative edging. I really loved making this, thank you for the pattern.


  10. Nicola Trumbull Says:


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    Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Nicola Trumbull, Editor

  11. Carmen Says:

    So, if it’s 4 stitches + 4 extra stitches it should work out if you do multiples of 8 right? That’s easier to figure out for me. I’m bad at math. LOL I’m trying it now. We’ll see how long it takes me to finish it.

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      That will only work for an odd number of repeats. If you want an even number of repeats, you should calculate multiples of 4 and then add 4 more stitches. For instance, if you did 28 repeats you would need 116 stitches, this is not divisible by 8. 28 x 4 = 112 + 4 = 116.

      Hope that helps.

  12. Gina Diane Holland Says:

    I like the bubble afghan, but I want to know how to decrease width. I would like to make it about 4 feet wide and 5 ft 6 inches long. How much yarn do I need?

    • Gina Diane Holland Says:

      I would like to change the size to 3 ft wide 5ft 6 inches long instead of 4ft wide. How much yarn will I need and how many beginning chains?

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  14. Emily Says:

    I was wondering how many I would need to chain to make a queen sized blanket?

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      I think it is a simple 4 stitch repeat so you should be able to increase in multiples of 4, but please don’t take my word for it, make sure to tests this theory. But I think the size that this blanket it would easily fit a queen size bed.

  15. claire Says:

    Lovely blanket so far but i have one question.
    My edge after the sc row seems to be decreasing even though I use a stitchmarker in the ch1 of the previous row and work into that. Should I also be working into the stitch before the turning chain from the previous row? I apologise for the question as am new to crochet 🙂

    • bloomingknitter Says:

      I sometimes have that problem. Honestly, I don’t know enough about crochet to be able to understand exactly what you are saying. Just make sure that you are working all the stitches on your patterned and sc rows, if it helps try counting everything out ahead of time to make sure that you will have the correct number of stitches at the end of the row.

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