Major Startitis

So much for keeping my WIPs limited. I now have 10 projects on the needles with expectations to cast-on another in the next few days. I know it is a little out of control, but with Christmas knitting going on and so many things I want to knit I just couldn’t help it.

My primary project, over the last two weeks, has been my Sock Yarn Blanket. Knitting little squares, dyeing yarn, and swapping with other Blanket makers, not to mention winding all the yarns into little balls, takes a lot of time. I am very much enjoying this project though. The little squares don’t take very long to knit and I get to change yarn with every square so there is always something to look forward to. So far I have completed just under 50 squares.

I have put a both Icaras and The Beach Cover-up on hold until the Christmas knitting is complete. Both of these projects are for me and not something I need in my wardrobe right now. And although I should provide my complete attention to Christmas knitting, I just can’t seem to put down my Sock Yarn Mohair Scarf, Wicked, or my current pair of basic socks. All projects are for me but all can be used this Fall and Winter so there is a reason to get them completed. I am trying to divide my time as equally as possible to these projects and Christmas knitting, but some projects I just can’t put down as easily.


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