I need your opinion.

Wow! I can’t believe it has been over three months since I last posted. As I look back at my blog since I started it, it seems that I have always been going in spurts, posting regularly for a few months, and then not posting anything for months upon months.

I would like to rectify that and post more on a year round basis, even if I only post once a week. But one of the reasons why I haven’t posted since finishing up the knitting for hire jobs, that were due the beginning of June, is because I have been trying to decide if I was actually going to keep blogging. Sometimes I wonder why people read my blog, or any blog for that matter. Is it just to see what projects I am working on, or to find any helpful tips that I might be able to pass along to other knitters. Those are reasons why I read blogs, but is that the norm, I don’t know. I guess I am just wondering what direction I want to go with this blog, because I don’t want it to be just about my knitting woes and accomplishments. 

So please let me know why you read blogs in general, knitting blogs, and this blog. Hopefully your responses will help me decide exactly what I want to do with this blog.


5 Responses to “I need your opinion.”

  1. Amby Says:

    I read some blogs to see what’s going on with my friends, some to learn new tips and tricks, and some to get a laugh. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I don’t really have any rhyme or reason!

  2. Kristyn Says:

    I read blogs because I like hearing about people’s projects and their lives. I like Ravelry but sometimes I like more details that can be given in a blog post.

  3. Margaret Westerman Says:

    I read friends’ blogs as a way to get to know them better. I read blogs by knitters that I don’t know because I like their taste in knitwear and get inspiration from them. And, unfortunately, sometimes I read blogs merely as a way to kill time.

  4. Cathi Says:

    Tina, I definately enjoy reading your blog

  5. JANIS Says:

    I always love reading about what your up to. Well, hope to see you soon. Talk to you soon. Meeeeeeee

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