In the past few weeks, I have had my fair share of frogging experiences. You might think frogging is easy, I mean all you are doing is unraveling your work and typically that is very easy. But there are a few circumstances that I have found that frogging can be a big pain.

For instance a few weeks ago I frogged a cat bed that I had knit double stranded. After it was frogged I decided I wanted to knit an afghan single stranded. Now, the frogging wasn’t the hard part, it was when it came to separating the two strands, which after knitting and frogging had twisted around each other and made for quite a difficult time unwinding the two skeins.

The second instance that I found to be difficult is when you have knit a project where you were alternating skeins. You might do this if you have different dye lots of yarn in the same project. Or in my case, I alternated skeins because the yarn was variegated and I didn’t want strange pooling to happen. this was also very difficult to frog, because you have to frog one row at a time and then wind the yarn, then frog the next row and wind, frog and wind, frog and wind. Not a lot of fun either.

And lastly, when you have knit a mobius with two twists, you have to manually unravel a bunch of yarn before you wind it on the ball winder because if you don’t do this the yarn will just get twisted around the piece and then you have to stop and untangle it.

If I were to come across any of these circumstances again I would definitely RETHINK whether or not I want to frog the project. I might even go as far as to just toss it rather than to go through the headache of the frogging. The only way I would torture myself is if I really love the yarn and I just couldn’t live without it.


One Response to “Frogging!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Frogging is the greatest test in patience I think there is. 🙂

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