Look, but don’t Buy

The last few days, it has been rather difficult to restrain myself from purchasing a bunch of yarn. Especially since I got my tax return on Friday and I had already told myself I could have a little splurge with some of the money.

Saturday, I went Shop Hopping with a friend of mine to three; count them, three different yarn stores. Sure, there were loads of things I would like to have purchased, but I really didn’t NEED any of them. Have you seen my stash?

I did purchase yet another skein of sock yarn, you can’t have too much, and one other ball of yarn just to play with. Sometimes I purchase one ball of yarn to curb my appetite for new yarn stash. Then I just knit up a swatch to see how I like the yarn. I figure at some point I will purchase enough for a project, but sometimes it is just fun to swatch and play without a specific goal in mind.

After returning home Saturday evening I had the gigantic urge to surf over to a few of my favorite online yarn shops and again, there were lots of things that I was very tempted to put in my cart to call my own, but I escaped the websites without a purchase.

And even today, I have been surfing Ravelry and checking out some projects and the yarn they were made with and was very tempted to place an order online, but I restrained myself yet again.

I deserve a cookie right. So, I ate two Girl Scout Cookies that were delivered today. Yummy!

With all my surfing this morning, I ran across a thread on one of the Ravelry groups about variegated yarn that pools, in good ways and bad. You might remember my “Wicked” that I completed back in 2007, which has since has been frogged.


I never really like how it pooled in some areas and striped in others. So after reading several posts in this thread I have decided to re-knit this sweater and alternate skeins in hopes that the pooling/stripping will be a little different and something that I can live with.

I really like this yarn and didn’t want to have to give it up to a baby sweater, so I am glad that I came across this alternative.

This will be my next project as soon as I finish the Afghan/Lap Blanket. I have just eight balls to go not including the border, which I haven’t decided if I will add or not, and if I add it I don’t know what yarn I will use, or the color. More decisions, but all lots of fun!


One Response to “Look, but don’t Buy”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Those shop hops can be dangerous, can’t they?
    You’ve exercised incredible restraint!
    I also have a few items to frog. Better to busy myself with that and avoid an ‘unecessary’ trip to the LYS.
    How clever it is, alternating skeins to control pooling and striping… looking forward to seeing your new rendition.

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