Confessions and Deviations

I have stuck true to my word and haven’t cast on a new project, sort of. I have, however, started designing a new sock. I can’t really talk about it or show any preliminary pictures as of yet, but I will be able to share the pattern with you soon.

Instead, I have pictures of the scarf I finished last week and finally blocked yesterday, and the afghan which is one of the WIPs I am trying to finish before starting another project.






Luckily, this afghan, which is more like a lap blanket seems to go pretty quickly when I actually work on it. I can whip through a ball of 110 yards in about one hour. I currently have 13 balls left before I get to the border, so this project will very likely be finished by the end of the week as well.

You can read all the details about the scarf and the afghan on Ravelry.

I am very anxious to cast on a new project. I need to start thinking about what it will be. Who am I kidding, I have been thinking about what I will cast on since I made the pledge to myself to reduce my WIPS.


3 Responses to “Confessions and Deviations”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    The color of your scarf is amazing! That’s one of the projects that I’m *really* wanting to cast on for, but I need to be good and get a few other things out of the way first.

  2. Emilee Says:

    Ooh, I especially love the scarf. Perfect for spring!

  3. Leeanne Says:

    Your knitting and crocheting is soo neat and tidy. I like the sweater you made, really dont think you need to undo it.

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