Another FO

Yes, I have another finished object. You can see the complete details on this project on Ravelry. This shawl is so nice and airy, and oh so warm.



This morning as I was casting this project off I realized I really had another WIP that I had forgotten about. Last November, I ordered the Basics, Basics, Basics course from TKGA and as of today I haven’t even started it. So I will be posting this as one of my WIPs on Ravelry to reminde me that I need to finish it.

Which means now I have two more projects to finish before I can cast on for a new one.

Tomorrow, I will have pictures of the scarf I finished last week, which I finally took the time to block.


4 Responses to “Another FO”

  1. Margaret Westerman Says:

    It’s very pretty, Tina. Congratulations.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    oooo! I *really* like that! Great color, too. I’m a big fan of browns.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Tina, if I had a shawl like yours I would never take it off.

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