Near Disaster Vacation Planning

I have learned my lesson, never let your husband, who isn’t concerned about the details, book your transporation for vacation. Two months ago Steve booked our flight to Acapulco. We were all set to spend a week with my in-laws on the beaches of Mexico, then today after talking to his mother Steve realized he booked our flights for the wrong date. Of course, the in-laws booked their own flights which were for the correct dates.

After many hours of research, we determined that it wasn’t worth the extra money, over $1000, to change our flight. But, luckily my mom had an extra week of a timeshare she was willing to give up and we were able to reserve it during the time we are expected to be in Acapulco. I guess I have gotten good at disaster recovery, there is always a solution. We are just really disappointed that we couldn’t make it work so that we could still spend the week with Steve’s parents.

Next year, I am making the travel plans.


2 Responses to “Near Disaster Vacation Planning”

  1. Michelle Says:

    OMG how crazy! I’m glad you still get to go though!

  2. Trish Says:

    Wow! Sounds like you have the right attitude about making the best of it. Oh and I just found your blog. Love the CPH too!

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