Extra Yarn Needed

I am always so freaked out that I will run out of yarn for a project, so I typically spend the extra money up front and buy an extra skein for a little piece of mind. In the case of the Happy Sweater, which I started a few weeks ago, I had to purchase more than just one extra skein. I had to purchase 5, which almost doubled the 7 skeins required by the pattern for a size medium. But I am so thankful that I took the plunge and did just that.

Yesterday, as I was working along on the body of my sweater, I finished off one skein of one of the colors that was suppose to only require one skein for the entire project. I still have two full stripes of this color so I am extremely glad that purchase the extra yarn. I am also likely to finish at least one more ball of a color that only required one skein. That would mean it would have been a double whammy if I didn’t take this precaution.

Now, either I didn’t associate the colors I chose with the pattern correctly or the pattern is incorrect. Either way, I should have enough yarn for my sweater, but, if the pattern is incorrect, I am concerned for other people making this same sweater.



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