Finished Objects

In my last post, I mentioned that I have been doing a lot of knitting in my absence on my blog. So I thought I would update everyone on what I have actually accomplished in that time. I sometimes even amaze myself.

First up, the Sweet Pea Shawl that I did as a TEST/Sample knitting for hire. I don’t recall the yarn right now (I will look it up and post it later), but I can tell you that I loved it. I would definitely work with it again.


I also completed this One-Shoulder Tunic as a TEST/Sample knitting for hire project. This yarn is a new yarn that will be out soon, it is Atlante made for Naturally, and I believe it will be sold by Fiber Trends. I love this yarn too. It is so much fun doing TEST/Sample knits because I get to work with so many different yarns that I may not get to otherwise.


I also started two new projects, which I don’t have pictures of just yet. I started another Kitty Pi to match my newly redecorated basement, and I also started the Eye of Partridge Shawl. I will take some pictures of both of these and post them in the next few days.

I also still have my Central Park Hoodie on the needles, which hasn’t seen any progress since I have been trying to get these other projects completed. And I am almost finished with the MotherLode Socks, which seem to be taking forever. Hopefully, I will completed these socks before I start another pair.


2 Responses to “Finished Objects”

  1. Michelle Says:

    OHH those are both soo pretty!!

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    The shawl and the top are just loverly and you look very Chic modeling the black top, like you’re ready to go out for a nice dinner somewhere. ( I hope you did! )

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