One day late..

I had every intention to post my weigh in yesterday, but I spent most of the afternoon instant messaging a friend and didn’t have much time for blogging. Therefore, you are getting this post one day late. The good news is, although minute, there was weight lost this past week of one pound, which I feel pretty good about, considering I didn’t workout for 5 days while I was out of town. As I mentioned in my last post, I was careful about what I ate all weekend and I did move quite a bit running after the twins, who will be turning 2 at the end of May.

In addition, according to my body fat analyzer, I have lost two and a half pounds of fat since last week. So even though the scale only shows a one pound lost I actually lost 2½ pounds of fat and gained a 1½ of muscle. See the body does have muscle memory, and it is remembering very quickly.

I haven’t noticed it as much in my arms, but I have noticed that my legs are getting much stronger. I mentioned before that I have been doing some mini exercises at the office, one of those exercises has been wall squats. Before I left for the weekend, I could do the wall squat for one minute and I was struggling the last few seconds. If you have ever tried wall squats they are not as easy as they appear. When I did the wall squat on Tuesday I noticed that after one minute I felt I could go a little longer so I went a total of 1 minute 15 seconds, which still wasn’t quite long enough. Yesterday I did nearly 1 minute 40 seconds without a problem. Today, I will try to max out to see just how long I can actually go.

Also, since I have been wearing the heart monitor I have also noticed some improvements in my cardiovascular fitness as well. My heart rate is recovering even more quickly and doesn’t go up quite as high. I do still want to push myself to work harder but I want to give my heart a chance to get stronger before I overdue it. There are a few fitness tests over at I would like to do this weekend to see exactly where I am. Then after a few more weeks I can take them again to see how much I have improved.


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