Weekend Adventures

I am back from Maryland! Now, I need a vacation from my vacation. The weekend was very busy and there wasn’t much time for relaxing. On Friday, I started the weekend by meeting up with a friend from high school who I had not seen in more than 20 years. We enjoyed a meal together and were able to catch up on where our lives have taken us over the last 20 years. Unfortunately we only had a few hours together but it was so good to catch up in person rather than just through email. The two hours we spent chatting was the most relaxation I got all weekend.

My mom and I had planned to go to the Sheep and Wool Festival both Saturday and Sunday, but of course my sister through a wrench into those plans. She moved into a new house a few months ago and planned a house warming party for that day. Which meant that my mom had to cart my niece back and forth to her play rehearsal, which also meant that we couldn’t get up bright and early Saturday morning to head to the festival.

In an attempt to visit with my grandmother, we decided to attend the house warming party and then go to the festival in the afternoon. There was so much commotion at my sister’s house with all the kids, my grandmother and I barely got a chance to talk. So, we met up with her for dinner Sunday evening.

While we waiting for the play practice to end on Saturday, my mom and I went to the computer store to shop for a new laptop, and I talked her into buying an iPod, and wireless keyboard. Then we went back to the computer store on Sunday to purchase a wireless router and a new monitor for her desktop computer. We then spent most of the day Sunday installing new computer components and getting her laptop and iPod set up.

We only made it to the festival late Saturday afternoon, and we missed the Ravelry meet-up, which I was totally bummed about. But, I did get to spend a lot of quality time with my mom, nieces and nephew, and my grandmother, so not all was lost. Except for the fact that I didn’t workout the entire weekend while I was there. I did watch my diet so I am hoping the worse that could happen is that I haven’t lost any weight. We will see when I do the official weigh in tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it.

Needless to say, it was a very busy weekend and I am so happy to be home. It always takes me a few days to re-adjust to my normal life after all the ciaos that I encounter while visiting my mom. Steve and I have lots of shows to catch up on this week so I am looking forward to some relaxing evenings this week. And this weekend I will be having my knitting friends over for our Saturday Club, and that will definitely be relaxing.

I don’t have the cable to my camera here at work today, otherwise I would post pictures of my 2 year old niece and nephew in the sweaters I finished for them a month ago. So, look for them tomorrow.


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