Weigh in Wednesday

I have stuck to my exercise program this week and I have managed my diet well and it has paid off with a two-pound weight loss. I am actually amazed with a two-pound loss because with every prior attempt to take off this weight I have been lucky to lose ½ – 1 pound in a week. I do have to admit that the increased intensity of my workouts have been contributing factor, not to mention the fact that have been working out twice a day. The past few days, I have slacked off on the 2x workout each day, but I have managed to get up a little earlier so I can squeeze in nearly an hour of exercise first thing in the morning. Plus, I am still keeping up with my mini-workouts at the office.

In addition to keeping up the intensity of my workouts, I have also managed to drink at least 64 oz of water almost every day. This has been difficult task for me in the past. I always seem to get busy and forget to drink, especially on the weekends. Sunday and yesterday, were the only two days that I flaked and didn’t get at least 64 oz drank. I think this is also a contributing factor in my weight loss.

This weekend, I am headed to the Maryland to visit my mom and attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I know it is going to take a bit of planning on my part to make sure I don’t sabotage my diet while at the festival, because I am sure there will be loads of bad things to eat. If I go prepared, I can know I can remain in control and not overindulge. I hope I can also keep up with my workout program while I am there. It seems when I go home for a visit, I fall in to a routine of not working out and eating way too much.

I will try to get in one more post this week with project updates, but if not I hope everyone has a great weekend, and maybe I will see you at the festival.


2 Responses to “Weigh in Wednesday”

  1. Amby Says:

    Awesome, good for you! Reward yourself with tons of yarn in Maryland! 😉

  2. Michelle Says:

    Yay good for you! buy yarn not junk food!! LOL

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