Spring Cleaning

There is just something about the spring thaw that makes me want to clean! Like most people, most of the time I don’t like to clean; I do it out of obligation. However, for some reason, in the springtime, I do like to clean; and clean is what I did for most of the weekend.

For the first time ever, I not only cleaned the inside of the windows, but also the outside. Sure, I have cleaned the windows before, but usually just the inside because it is always too difficult to get to the outside of the windows. One of these days, we are going to get new windows, the kind that can tilt in, which are so much easier to clean. Anyway, Steve pulled out the ladder and helped. If I had to guess, I do not think those windows have ever been cleaned from the outside. Nevertheless, the pay off was worth the effort. Every window in our house now sparkles.

On top of that, I also began the process of scrubbing the kitchen floor. I say began, because after working on it for 2½ hours yesterday I didn’t have the energy to finish it. This was after spending 3 hours cleaning the windows and other parts of the house, so do not think I am lazy.

I typically mop the floor it on a regular basis, but it always looks so dingy. You see, we have a type of linoleum that has some texture and the dirt gets down in those groves and it just does not come up with the mop, no matter how hard I scrub, and I do scrub. In fact, I typically scrub so hard that the sponge on the mop falls off after just a few uses. I have yet to find a mop that can withstand my mopping style. With all the sponges, I buy, I have even thought of buying stock in the mop company. So, if you know of a good mop please let me know

Anyway, I was determined to get this floor clean so armed with a scrub brush and a spray bottle of dishwashing liquid and water I set out to see what the floor really looked like. I was truly amazed at the dirt that came out of those little groves in the linoleum. Now all I want to do is finish the project so I can enjoy the new floor.

You might be wondering why I was using dishwashing liquid to clean the floor, so let me tell you, even if you were not wondering. A few years back one of our cats got sick with kidney disease and after doing a lot of research, I found that many of the cleaning products that we had been using around the house were harmful to pets. I think of all the times I mopped the floor and the cats would go walking through only to pick up chemicals on their feet, which they would proceed to lick and ingest. I do not know how harmful the chemicals were, but I was determined to go more natural with my cleaning products. I have since switched to using mostly vinegar and water, and just this weekend decided to try dishwashing liquid. I am amazed at how well it worked and I also thought of the money I would save by using these products instead of buying the more expensive cleaners, that can also be harmful to pets.



One Response to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Hey have you ever checked out the “queen of Clean” books? she has great “recipes” for household cleaning products that are cheaper and safer, etc.? They really work too!

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