Basement is DONE

The Basement is DONE. Okay, let us just say functional, because I still need to sew two panels for the screens, Steve still needs to put in the door to the laundry room, and we still have some furniture to build, but we are using the space, and we love it. Here is where we are today.












The exercise area could still use a little organizational help, but for the most part, it is also functional too.

The space seems so much larger without the bar, and I love being able to close off both the exercise area as well as the stamping/scrapbooking area. It really makes the basement feel more like another room rather than a catchall area, and it will be even better once we have a door leading into the laundry room.


7 Responses to “Basement is DONE”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Wow I’m impressed! Looks very nice! The scrapbook area is impressive. (so is the yarn stash- I think you have more than me-I may have to show the picts to hubby) I need to get my basement seriously cleaned!

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    Wow! Just phenomenal!!!!!!!

    Give yourself a big pat on the back!!

  3. Zonda Says:

    Oh…wow!!! That is a fabulous space! I’d never leave it, looks like it has everything one would need 🙂

  4. Kelley McDonald Says:

    As a fellow scrapbooker, walker and knitter…can I just move in? It looks so great!

  5. Robin Says:

    WOWSER! The basement looks wonderful and YOUR room is SO organized! It’s a wonderful feeling to operate in such an environment. I need to do the same to my studio – clean out!!!! Inspiration!

  6. dani Says:

    Wow, it looks fantastic!

  7. Dana Says:

    Wow! What a transformation! Nice job. What did you use to hang the panel to close off the exercise area? I am inspired to do something similar in my fiance’s basement.

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