Weekend Adventures

This past weekend there was food, fun, friends and knitting, lots of knitting. On Saturday, I had everyone over for my monthly club. This club use to be a stamping and scrapbooking club, but it got converted to knitting club as my friends converted from stamping to knitting along with me. We do still have stampers and scrapbookers who show up on occasion so I set up a table for them to work, but now we also have nice comfy seating in the basement it makes knitting even better. I finally took finished pictures of the basement so look for them later this week.

We had a small group on Saturday, but we still had a blast and we eat pretty well too. Here is what our lunch spread looked like.


Everything was quite yummy, and it gave us enough nourishment to knit all day. With all that knitting I finished another repeat on the Sweet Pea – Test KNIT (picture come soon), and a pair of fetchings to match the Cabled Soho Scarf, which still isn’t blocked. Ugh, I need a blocking board.


I was feeling really productive, so after club was over, I was rather motivated to post some of my stash on Ravelry, so I posted 8 full bins, and then I posted 4 more on Sunday. I still have a few more to go, but if I can dedicate sometime this week I should be able to get the rest of my stash posted by the end of the weekend. Although I do have a full, very large, bin of just sock yarn, so that will take a little more time then some of the other bins, and I haven’t decided if I will post all the leftovers. I would really like to know exactly how much yarn I really have, including all the leftover balls, because I do plan to use them someday. From what I have already posted on Ravelry there is way more yarn than I could have imagined and I am only half way through posting it. At this point I have over 33,000 yards. Yes, you read correctly 33,000 yards. I would have to knit like a maniac to use up this stash. As soon as I get everything logged into Ravelry I think I will create some sort of challenge for myself to motivate me to work through this stash and not buy any more yarn until it is gone. Will that be possible, for me I am really not sure, but I will certainly try.


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