Sunday Morning Funnies

Yesterday morning Steve and I were sitting down to watch a few TV programs we recorded during the week. I had already made my coffee and I was waiting for him. He was determining if he wanted to make some crepes or if he would just have some cereal. He opted for the quick route and poured a bowl of cereal. Only it wasn’t your ordinary bowl of cereal, here is what he had.



Yep, that is a mixing bowl, and it isn’t even the smallest one. My guess is he had at least three to four bowls of cereal in there. Now if my husband was a three hundred pound man I might expect this size bowl of cereal, but Steve has almost no fat on him, but boy can he eat.

He first claimed that when he added the bananas to a small bowl it would over flow, so he had to use the larger bowl. So I suggested that he put less cereal in the bowl if he is going to add bananas. Then he came back with the fact that this cereal wasn’t Total brand cereal so he had to eat four bowls to get the same vitamins and minerals that are in one bowl of Total. Any way you look at it I thought he was nuts, but he definitely made me laugh.



One Response to “Sunday Morning Funnies”

  1. Kristyn Says:

    We should all be so lucky to have his metabolism!

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