DPN, 2 circulars or Magic Loop

It amazes me how many people use DPNs to do socks. I guess since I learned the magic loop I haven’t even wanted to think about using DPNs, but I am sure there are people who prefer them. Sometimes I wonder if the people who use DPNs use them because they haven’t learned one of the other methods of sock knitting like 2 circular needles or the magic loop. My preferred method for knitting socks, or any small circumference knitting in the round, is the magic loop. I have tried 2 circular needles, and found that method a little too cumbersome with the cable wires, but then again. I was using 32″ cables and I have heard that the shorter the cable the easier it is. So maybe I need to get some 16″ cables and take another whirl at it. Using DPNs just seems even more cumbersome than the other ways of knitting small circumferences.

How do you knit your socks?

By the way, I am through the short-row heel on both the Motherlode Socks, and I am now working up the leg. I decided to do a simple 3×1 rib on these socks because I don’t have any simple socks on the needles, pictures forthcoming. I plan to start another pair of socks in the next week or so, but I have to work out the details on the pattern.


2 Responses to “DPN, 2 circulars or Magic Loop”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I use DPNs or 2 circs…I won’t go over 24″ cables for hte circs, or it gets to be too much! I don’t mind the DPNs thought, it’s kind of fun! I recently got the magic loop book though and Plan on trying that soon!
    OH I love to do sleeves in the round on 2 circs!

  2. Sonya Says:

    I’m magic loop all the way. I’ve used dpns for the top of hats, but for socks, I think they are just a pain. With magic loop you knit all the way across one side before having to adjust needles. With dpns you have to do it every quarter of the stitches.

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