Weaving in your Ends

When it comes to new techniques, or even techniques that I don’t feel I have quite mastered, I often ask myself “Am I doing this right”.

Take for instance, weaving in your ends, a lot of knitters I know dread this task, and I am no different. I am not sure why this task is so difficult to embark upon, especially since it is a sign that you are close to a finished object. I would think having an FO so close it would be very motivational to take the plunge to finish it off. But nonetheless, lots knitters find it hard to bring themselves to complete this task.

I have often heard of UFOs sitting idle for days, weeks, and even sometimes months before this final step has been completed. And I admit I too have prolonged the life of UFOs for the simple fact that I couldn’t bring myself to weave in the ends.

So why is it we dread it so much? For me, it is the fact that I don’t always like how it looks once the ends have been weaved through the fabric. I guess I always think if I let the project sit long enough miraculously a new method for weaving in ends will be invented that will make the thread completely disappear amongst the other stitches. So far that hasn’t happened.

Here are just a few articles on the subject that I found interesting and made me less confused about the whole thing

anniemodesitt              Knitty.com                 Knit Picks

In other new, I have continued work on the Fetching, but haven’t gotten too far. Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time reading the Ravelry Groups. So many things to do so little time.


One Response to “Weaving in your Ends”

  1. Diane Says:

    Weaving in ends is a pain, but I do it as soon as I’m done. I want my FO! I’d rather weave in ends than seam.

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