Ravelry Friends

The other day at knitting club the subject of Friending someone on Ravelry came up. I thought it was odd because someone said they thought it was weird that someone they don’t even know added them to their friends list. To be honest, I don’t think that is weird at all. With as much time as I spend on Ravelry I am constantly coming across people who have similar tastes or interests in knitting. And when you find someone with similar interests don’t you want to stay in touch with them, if nothing more than to see what they will be knitting next. With Ravelry growing as fast as it is, I seriously doubt I would every find that member again unless I add them to my friends list.

When I add someone to my friends list I choose them, not only by the fact that I know them personally, or have chatted with them online, or read their blog, but also for the fact that they may have similar projects to my own or I might like the projects that they have done in the past. And when you compound that with the fact that Ravelry also has Friends Activities, why not friend everyone who’s knitting you love. If you haven’t found Friend’s Activities yet, it is a tab on your friends page, right next to Friend’s Blogs. You can track when your friends queues, or starts a new project, which is absolutely fabulous. Many a time, I have found new patterns I want to knit purely for the fact that a friend on my list has found it first.

I have heard of many reason people add others to their friends list on Ravelry, such as because they live in the same state, they have the same nationality, because they have similar knitting interest, or simply because they know them personally. So inquiring minds want to know, how you choose your friends on Ravelry.


2 Responses to “Ravelry Friends”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Well I choose mine much the same way you do! Someone I know personally, or blogs I read, and people that I have projects in common with. Often if I add someone to my friends list, I try to send them a quick message to say hi and why I added them!

  2. Kelley McDonald Says:

    Thanks for this info. I am still discovering all the fine parts of Ravelry. But going to brew me a pot of coffee and start finding some friends…starting with you! LOL! Have a great day!

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