Finally, happy mii

This weekend didn’t provide all the knitting time I anticipated, yes I joined a good friend of mine to knit Friday night and I got a lot accomplished, but knitting time on Saturday and Sunday was scarce. Saturday brought a nice visit with my in-laws to celebrate Steve’s b-day, and Sunday we got this.


Needless to say a lot of time was eaten up, but Steve and I had a blast. One thing I never expected was that the boxing would be one of my favorite games. Steve and I really worked up a sweat trying to knock each other out, and I kicked his butt in bowling. I also found out I suck at baseball, I was never good when I played softball when I was a kid so I sort of expected that. Now we need to decide what game to get next. We already put a deposit down on the upcoming Wii Fit which is due to come out in May, but we would really like to get at least one more game to keep us busy until that comes out. Any suggestions? We also purchased Wii Play, but neither of us were impressed with those games.

Even though I didn’t get the sweaters done this weekend I had some extra time at work today and I cranked out these babies.



I only had the buttons to add to Taylor’s, the pink one, and I had to sew on the sleeves and the buttons on Chace’s, which took longer than expected. As I went to sew on the second sleeve I realized that I didn’t do the decreases for the cap of the sleeve so I had to take out the bind off and frog back 8 rows. However, in just over an hour and a half I had both sweaters complete, and they will be going in the mail to my sister tomorrow.

Now I don’t have to feel guilty if I want to knit on another project. In addition, to the Central Park Hoodie, and Pink Fetchings, I am also working on a new sock pattern. I also have another shawl to finish up as a TEST-Knit so I will have plenty to keep me occupied. Although, I can’t see that I will be getting much knitting done at home in the coming weeks, with the new gaming system and all. Steve has already challenged me to a bowling tournament, and claims he was letting me win yesterday. We will just see about that. 


One Response to “Finally, happy mii”

  1. lynnewio Says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that your won the contest on my blog. Just toss me an email with your mailing address and the Nature Wool is yours. 🙂

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