Happy Friday!

After I posted yesterday, I did pick up the socks for a little more knitting. I wasn’t quite ready to start the second sleeve on Chace’s sweater, although my goal is to get that sweater, along with the pink one in the mail by Monday, so I guess I had better focus my attentions on that project today, and for the rest of the weekend. On the socks, I am now ready to do the short-row heel on both, and I will find it very difficult not to pick up this project today. Must stay focused! I have to keep telling myself that otherwise I will not finish in time. As soon as I finish the two sweaters I can knit on whatever I want.

Work wise yesterday afternoon was pretty much the same as the morning. Although, I did stretch my legs for a minute to walk out to the mail box in front to get the mail. Five bills to open, yahoo. Oh and don’t forget the date stamp, that was the highlight of my afternoon. Today should be much of the same. A little knitting, a little gaming and hopefully I will also be able to remain up-to-date on reading blogs.

I also posted another FREE pattern; check out Cable Two by Two to the right. It is a very simple pattern, but it makes for a nice sock. I hope to get it posted on Ravelry later today. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!


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