How can this happen..

As you may be aware I have been working on two sweaters, one for my niece Taylor and recently I started the matching sweater for Taylor’s twin brother Chace. I have just about finished Taylor’s sweater; all I need to do is sew on the buttons that I picked up yesterday.


It is a very cute sweater but I like the colors so much better in the version for Chace. I don’t think I had enough contrast between the colors in Taylor’s sweater. Live and learn. I am not knitting it again in different colors. She will still look very cute in these colors.


One thing that puzzles me is I am working with the same yarn, the same pattern, and making the exact same modification, but Chace’s sweater is almost an inch longer. I just pray that the arms will still fit on Chace’s sweater. I may have to make some additional modifications to get it to work out okay.


It just seems very odd that I can do everything identically and come out with something so much larger. Now, I am not complaining because it just might be that Chace can wear his sweater longer than Taylor can, but I just cannot believe there is that much variation. I realize that sometimes it has to do with how loose or tight you knit, but I can’t image I varied this much.

Anyway, I am glad to be nearing the completion point of these two sweaters. One thing that I have not had to worry too much with other projects is that in this case if I procrastinate to long on finishing the object the recipient will grow out of it before it is off the needles. I just hope that has not already happened.


One Response to “How can this happen..”

  1. Robin Says:

    Nice pattern. I really like the picot edge. My favorite is the white one!! The size thing is odd. Perhaps you were a bit more relaxed???

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