This week

I have finally just about gotten over my addiction to SIMS 2. Okay, so I am not totally over it, I am still playing a little bit, but I am not spending hours upon hours playing the crazy game, and I have actually been getting some knitting done. I finished up the KNIT for Hire that I was working on, and I am nearly finished with the twin to the sweater I made for Taylor. This week I would like to finish the sweater for Chace (picture to be posted soon) and actually get caught up on reading some other blogs. I have also been neglecting Ravelry and my knitting scrapbook so I really should update those as well.

The other major thing I would like to accomplish this week is to find a way to make an additional $100 a week. Yes, I have a job now, but unfortunately it pays a whole lot less that my last job. Sure, it pays more than unemployment, which is what I had been accustom to the last few months, but I still don’t seem to have very much extra spending money to buy all the things I want, like more yarn (like I really need more yarn) and a Nintendo Wii (which I really do need, it is imperative to my survival. LOL).

Does anyone have any suggestions for making a little extra money? I don’t really want to get a part-time job working out of the house, I would prefer to find something that I can do from home or on the internet. I have thought about signing up for one of those survey companies, but so many of them are scams and I can’t afford to get burned. As you know, I have also been doing KNIT for Hire work, which does add a little bit of money to my entertainment spending fund, but if I don’t start knitting some of my own projects every now and then I will never get my projects completed (which would mean I would never need to buy any more yarn, and that is totally unacceptable). I have also thought about posting my greeting cards on Etsy, but the last time I did that I didn’t get even a little nibble. For those of you who have Etsy shops how do you promote your wears?

In addition, my plan to post my stash on Ravelry has completely unraveled. I was on a roll for the first day or two when I started posting it, and then I totally stopped posting all together. I really would like to post at least 5-10 new yarns in my stash on Ravelry each week, and eventually have all my yarn online. That way I can just click a button to see what yarns I already have. For those of you who have posted your stash on Ravelry does it help you curb your need to buy more yarn? I am hoping that once I can see all my yarn at once, I will make the determination that I really don’t need any more yarn. Yeah Right!


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  1. Amby Says:

    Regarding the Etsy angle…this is just my opinion, but I would suggest being as targeted as possible…for example, instead of just putting up a few greeting cards, a few birthday cards, etc., specialize in handmade sets. For example, a set of ten baby shower invites, with each extra being $x amount. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, graduation/open houses, birthday parties, etc. I would totally buy a SET of handmade invitations on Etsy as opposed to going to Hallmark and paying for a package of them. The fact that they are unique and handmade would absolutely be icing on the cake, and having a set would make them worth your while.

    In terms of promotion online…pimp on your blog, join the Ravelry Etsy Sellers group, join the Etsy Sellers Who Blog webring. Offline, go directly to the places where the people you want to target hang out: ask if you can put a pretty display in a midwife/OB-GYN’s office (I did this when I was doing baby photography), have a booth at a wedding expo, etc. Having a reciprocal relationship with a wedding planner is something else that always sent a lot of business my way (when I did wedding photography). Oh, and invest in good quality business cards, flyers, samples, etc. Don’t be afraid to give away free samples to someone that can send business your way!

    Marketing and promotion is hard work, but it’s totally worth it when you find your niche!

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