Is there a wrong way

When it comes to knitting, everyone has their own unique way to do things. The question still remains is there really a wrong way to knit? In my opinion, the bottom line is that as long as the knitter likes what they are producing then that is all that matters.

I have often times heard knitters tell other knitters they are doing something wrong, I sometimes catch myself doing the same thing. Then I think, it isn’t necessarily wrong it is just different. Sure many knitters do things differently but if they are creating something they like does it really matter how they come about it. It is only wrong if the knitter doesn’t like the outcome.

Just watching other knitters in our knitting circle I can see that just about everyone has their own style of knitting. Some knit English style or throw their yarn, others knit Continental or pick the yarn, some are left handed some knit right handed. Even among the different groups, whether English or Continental there are still differences among the different knitters. How they hold or wrap their yarn, whether they knit in the front or back loop, how close the stitches are to the tip of the needle and how much tension is placed on each stitch.

Even though every knitter has their own way of knitting, in most cases two knitters can certainly get the same result. So how can we even say that one method of knitting is more right over another.

I guess we can’t.


3 Responses to “Is there a wrong way”

  1. Diane Says:

    Yep, I totally agree with you. I use a cable hook when doing cables not the “non” cable hook way. That’s my crime. But it gets the same result.

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    As long as the finished fabric turns out…it’s the right way for that person.

    Now one thing that I have had problems with teaching other’s to knit is getting proper tension. I know there are loose and tight knitters but one of the girls I work with had a sock cuff that that looked like a sweater sleeve! Clearly a little more than loose, and she was using Addi one’s. I told her to quit being such a loose woman 😉

  3. Pamala Says:

    Having taught many a young person to knit I agree completely. There is no faster way to turn a young person off from knitting than insisting that it be done only one way. Even the dropped stitches and incorrect yarn overs can add character and interest to a project.

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