Trying to Catch up

Wow! I am so far behind on everything. I started a new job last Monday and since then I have barely even looked at my computer at home. I haven’t read any blogs in more than a week, and as you have seen I haven’t posted here either. I am hoping that will all change once I get back in the swing of working full-time. After being unemployed for nearly 6 months it has been difficult to get back on a schedule, and I am hoping this week will be better than last.

I have been trying to knit whenever I get the opportunity. Here are some pictures from more than a wee ago of the progress on my projects.

Here is the Beach Baby Sweater I have been making for Taylor. Since this picture was taken, I have finished both sleeves and added the button band. All I have left to do is sew on the sleeves. With any luck I will be able to complete that this week and start on a similar sweater for Taylor’s twin brother Chace.


Here is the Central Park Hoodie. This too has a little more progress than the picture shows, but my focus has really been on other projects the last few weeks.


As well as the other projects this project is a little further along that pictured below. It is the Soho Cabled scarf from Style Hounds.


And this next project was a crazy request made by my mother-in-law. Can you guess what it is? I will post the answer tomorrow.



2 Responses to “Trying to Catch up”

  1. jae Says:

    Congrats on the new job!

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    Everything looks super! Love the scarf…….I am guessing a license plate warmer.

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