Ravelry ROCKS!

Either I am completely blind, or Casey continues to add fantastic new features to Ravelry. I am hoping for the latter. Anyway, I just found the “Friend’s Blogs” feature on Ravelry, and I am totally blown away. Please tell me that this feature has only been available for a short time.

I had been going crazy trying to keep up with all my friends, and going to each profile and then linking to their blog to check for updates. Let me tell you, that is very time consuming. Little did I know I could just check the “Friend’s Blogs” tab in the “Friends section of Ravelry and could be linked directly to all updates. How convenient.

Now I am sure to stay abreast of what everyone is up too.



4 Responses to “Ravelry ROCKS!”

  1. Miranda Says:

    nope, it’s been there for as long I have been a member! I agree, it is a great feature.

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    I LOVE that feature, it makes it SO much easier to see who’s updated recently.

    I admit that I was a little hesitant to sign up for Ravelry, I thought it would be sort of….meh.. I am more than impressed though with the organization and usefulness of this site. The only thing is that NOW I have even MORE things that I want to make and even MORE yarns that I want to try. What’s nice though is that I have met even MORE cool knitters.

    Yeah…the feature has been there at least since October when I started.

  3. Diane Says:

    That feature has been there since I’ve been a member in Ravelry. I love it. But don’t feel bad that you didn’t know, I find new things every day on the site. It’s truly amazing. And addicting.

  4. Heather G. Says:

    I didn’t notice that until fairly recently myself. But I just about live on my Friends’ Activity page!

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