New Projects

With so many of my WIPs completed I decided to start a few new projects. Although I have mentioned in the past that I wanted to focus on only one or two projects at a time, I ended up starting 3 new projects. So it is only one more than I had planned, but I just couldn’t make up my mind which project I wanted to do first. I definitely wanted one of the projects to be the pink scarf, but I was torn between starting a sweater for me or starting a sweater for my niece.

I had already purchased the yarn for my niece’s sweater and if I waited much longer to start it she would out grow it before it was knit so I decided I really should start that project, especially since I want to make a matching sweater for her twin brother too. But after so many months of Christmas knitting and not finishing anything for ME I wanted to be a little selfish too, so I also started a Central Park Hoodie for myself.

I plan on making the scarf and the two baby sweaters my top focus, but I also wanted to have a sweater in progress for me too.

Beach Baby

Cabled Scarf

Central Park Hoodie

I also have my Motherlode socks in progress, but I like to keep a simple project for those times when I might get distracted while knitting, and don’t want to be working on anything that could possibly get screwed up.

Motherlode Socks

I will post pictures of the nearly finished basement soon.

Stay warm.


4 Responses to “New Projects”

  1. Diane Says:

    Oh boy, I hear you on the Christmas knitting and wanting to make something for ME! All night long I’ve been grumbling about knitting for everyone but me. As soon as I finish the mittens I’m making for someone it’s all for me! For a while anyway!

    Your projects look very pretty!

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    I think you are thinking pink…I see a theme.

  3. Emma Says:

    Okay, I know I should be more impressed by the 42 finished objects but honestly, its the 11 sweaters that are blowing my mind. I’m new(ish) to knitting and have only made one successful sweater – for my 1 year old niece.
    But I agree that sometimes it’s better to have a couple projects going at once. Not so many that it slows you down, but enough that you have a mindless, easy project and a difficult one and maybe something inbetween.
    I love your brown sweater. It was so fun to find your blog.

  4. Jason Says:

    Love that cabled scarf, it’s really pretty. Not sure if I’m seeing it right, but did you miss a cable at the top of the far left column in that photo?

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