42 projects completed in 2007

At the beginning of the year, when I started reading blogs and writing my own, I noticed some knitters seemed to produce finished objects like there was no tomorrow. I wondered to myself how in the world were they able to knit so fast. I envied them for their ability to produce FO after FO and wished I could be like them.

When I rekindled my love for knitting in February 2006 I did knit a sweater in about a week, but after the second sweater was started I sort of slacked off again until late 2006. And in the end my finished object list for 2006 was all of one item. Not very impressive!

In early 2007, when I discovered the local yarn stores and all the knitting blogs, I went crazy making list after list of all the projects I wanted to knit. Looking at the list I was totally overwhelmed and thought it just might take me a lifetime to knit them all, and at the time I there were only a dozen projects on the list. Since then the list has grown exponentially, and now it is well over 150 and continues to grow, which I thank Ravelry for. It seems that every time I go on Ravelry I seem to find two or three more projects that I would like to make.

During the first part of 2007, almost every project seemed to take forever to complete. This was primarily because I was working on 5 or more projects at the same time. I found, for the most part, I did work on each project equally and so it took 5 (or more ) times longer to finish a project because I would only work on it for a little bit before I switched to the next project. I have since realized when I focus on one or two projects at a time they seem to go much more quickly and it keeps me motivated to finish the item. I guess I have learned I can get into a rhythm the longer I work on a project and the more quickly I can get it finished.

In the end I finished a whopping 42 projects in 2007. How in the world I did that I couldn’t even tell you. As you can see from my previous post, sixteen projects were completed in the last three months of the year. You can see all my 2007 finished objects in my photo album, but here is a break-down of everything I made.

11 sweaters
8 pairs of felted clogs
8 pairs of socks
5 felted bags
2 scarves
2 shawls
2 fetching – fingerless mittens
1 baby blanket
1 cat bed
1 dog sweater
1 hat


2 Responses to “42 projects completed in 2007”

  1. Larjmarj Says:

    Well you were far more prolific than I was. I have too much knitting ADD going on.

  2. Kristyn Says:

    Wow I am impressed!

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