Gift Giving

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was busily working to finish all the Christmas presents, and by golly I did it. There were a lot of late nights and multiple 12 hour plus knitting marathons. Here are all the Christmas Gifts I made in 2007, and they were all completed between October 1st and December 25th.

Small BagLG_72 Mimi_mom123007_2 BritFelt Delores ClogsJohn TaylorChaceWallaby CassFelt LisaFelt MomSeafoamShawl ChaceVest SteveHat

In addition to all these gifts I also made the following items during the same time period.

GarterLaceShawlSweater FeltedClogsVW Clogs_after MarinersShawl

Now you can see why I wasn’t blogging much during this time. I guess you could say I was a knitting fool for 3 months. I can’t believe I was able to get so much done. I amaze myself sometimes.

Even though I was able to get everything done, including some additional projects, I don’t want to put myself under that kind of pressure for 2008, so I am planning ahead and will hopefully start Christmas knitting in the next few months rather than waiting until October to get started.


2 Responses to “Gift Giving”

  1. Kristyn Says:

    Wow that is an impressive list! I don’t think I could do that in three months if I gave up everything, including eating and sleeping.

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    WOW! 7 pairs of clogs! I have a friend at work that made that many. Then you did all the other work, wow. Fantastic job.

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