Resolutions or NOT

I know I still haven’t posted all the Christmas gifts I knitted, but I have been sick for the past week and this is the first day I have felt up to being on the computer for more than 2 minutes. I finally downloaded the pictures to the computer today and as soon as I get them organized I will post all the gifts I made. I promise!

Until then let’s talk about New Year’s Resolutions. I am sure a lot of people make New Year’s Resolutions, but I try not to put that much pressure on myself, because we all know that almost all New Year’s Resolutions get broken.

Even though I don’t make resolutions, I do want to be healthier in 2008. In the past two years, I haven’t worked out as much as I had hopped and my eating habits have plummeted hopelessly down the mountain of health. One thing I can be grateful of is that I didn’t gain any weight during the holidays, and believe me I provided plenty of opportunity. I can’t say the same about the past two years, but we won’t talk about how much weight I have gained.

I have never been one to restrict myself from food, but my metabolism has really slowed down over the past few year. This could be caused by all the muscle I have lost by not working out, or maybe it is an age thing. No matter what it is I plan to reverse the effects and get back on track.

The first step is to eat a balanced diet and try to eliminate all the junk I have grown accustom to over the past 2 years. The second step is to get back on a regular exercise program, and with the basement finally functional again I think I can make that happen. We still have additional projects to do like build the radiator covers, and build three large storage cabinets, but things are moving along nicely, and at least now I have the TV and the treadmill set up so I can actually use them. I would have liked to have the basement complete by now, but between Steve getting food poisoning before Christmas, visiting my mom for a week, and now with me being sick we have lost nearly 3 week’s worth of work and momentum. I am hopeful that it will be done by the end of January, but at this rate not likely.


One Response to “Resolutions or NOT”

  1. Kristyn Says:

    Good luck on your resolution to be healthier. I feel honored that my blog got your first comment of 2008. Thanks!

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