Basement Update

The basement project is moving right along, and so are the Christmas Knitting projects, which I still can’t show pictures of just yet. So instead I will share the pictures of the basement.

The following is a picture of where we took out the corner that was boxed in around the gas line. We always wondered why they wasted the entire corner for a little pipe that hung down from the ceiling about 2 inches. So we took out the corner and we plan to drop the ceiling down to accomodate the pipe. If you look back at the previous basement post you will see this stupid little corner in the first picture with my work area.


This next picture is the space that I will have to consolidate all my stamping and scrapbooking supplies into. The area is about 6½ feet by 7½ feet, a far cry from what I had before. This is the area where I use to store most of my supplies and paper, now everything has to fit in here. How am I going to do it? I don’t really know but I did get rid of at least half of what I owned.


In the next picture you can see a section of the bar which is soon to be torn down, actually in real life it has already been taken down, but let’s just imagine.


And here is all my stuff stacked up. Granted the stuff on the table was finally sold, but I still have a lot of stuff to organize into my new area.


All of the above pictures were taken the middle of November, and we are much further along on the basement at this point. I hope to provide another update on our progress within the next few days. That is if there isn’t any other interesting blogs I want to share instead.


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