As I mentioned last week, Wicked is completed and here is the proof.


On Tuesday last week, I spent the day with my knitting friend Janis. We had a great time knitting until our fingers ached, and I started this project, which at the moment is about 75% complete. Pictures to be posted soon.


So far I am in love with this yarn, which is Knit Picks Main Line. I know I will be using this yarn for more projects, I just hope they come out with a lot more colors. Currently Knit Picks only has 10 colors, and most of them are more on the conservative side. I would love to see some bright colors in this yarn, maybe even some hand-dyed or variegated.

Other than my knitting news, there isn’t much else to tell you. I am currently leading an incredibly boring life.  I am unemployed so no interesting work stories to tell you. I barely leave the house since I have no extra money to spend so no interesting encounters to share with you, and job hunting is the most incredibly boring part of my life right now, so I won’t even think of sharing that with you.

Hope everyone has a great week with lots of knitting. I just hope my tendonitis doesn’t come back with all the knitting I will be doing while I am off work. I guess there will be lots of stretching in my future.


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