What to do…

As you may have read in my post from August 10th, I started another pair of socks, and I must say I love socks, even if it is all stockinette knitting in the round. I finished the first foot, up to the just before the short-row heel and I am three-quarters through the other foot. I tried the second sock on yesterday and it seemed a little big, okay, it was a lot to big. And I thought to myself, what is the deal. I was sure I had tried the first sock on throughout the process of knitting it and I also checked my gauge. I even choose to do one less increase than what the gauge called for since I prefer my socks a little tight. So, I lined up the second sock with the first and sure enough I am knitting a lot looser than I knitted the first. Bummer, I am going to have to ripe back this sock and knit it tighter. Then I decided to try on the first sock again and it too is a little too big.

So here is my dilemma, do I frog both of these socks and start from scratch making sure to knit a little tighter than I am now, or do less increases at the toe, or do I suck it up and leave it as is. My thought is if I don’t frog them know I might not won’t be happy with the finished socks, and in turn won’t wear them. And what good is having hand knit socks if they won’t get worn. So I think I will be doing some frogging very soon.

The real bummer is that I was working on a new textured stitch to incorporate into the leg of this sock. And anyone who has designed a sock knows that the stitch pattern needs to be somewhat easy to modify for smaller or larger socks. I guess it will be back to the drawing board on this one. I will definitely save my notes as I might use the stitch pattern on a future pair of socks.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the progress I had made on these socks. I tried to take a picture this morning, but the camera battery said it was exhausted and needed to be recharged. I couldn’t even get one shot taken. Anyway, I will take a picture tonight after the battery has had a chance to recharge, and will post it tomorrow. It is just such a bummer that these socks can’t be saved. I guess there is always the possibility of giving them away as a gift, but I just can’t see anyone appreciating them as much as I would. Plus the yarn was a special surprise my mom picked up for me while she was on a cruise to Alaska.


3 Responses to “What to do…”

  1. Miranda Says:

    frog em! Especially since they were a special gift yarn. If the frogging makes you bitter(nooo, I’m nothing like that personally!) you can always set them in a timeout.

  2. Amanda Says:

    No… don’t Frog them…. Miranda plays too much frogger… Bring them on Wednesday first and then decide… tomorrow that is… so you better be there… 😉

  3. jae Says:

    I think you need to frog them since you already have doubts. But I wouldn’t try knitting tighter. Either knit closer to the tips of your needles (too faraway opens the loops, thus a larger gauge) or go down a needle size. If you try to change the way you naturally knit to get a tighter gauge, you’ll end up slowly loosening up as you go.

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