Stockinette Knitting

Why is it that so many knitters share their dislike for plain stockinette knitting or purling? I have heard knitters complain that they are sick of the project they are working on because it is so boring, but then those same knitters complain because their current project is so complicated that they continue to make mistakes and ultimately have to frog part of their work. I have to ask are these knitters truly in the knitting club?

I personally find any type of knitting whether it is stockinette stitch, knitting stockinette stitch in the round (knitting every row), purling, or complicated lace work a complete joy. In fact, I welcome the simple projects when I would like to do something else in conjunction with my knitting, such as watch TV or my recent fascination of reading (I am still very new at this and currently trying to knit and read at the same time is rather slow, but at least I am participating in two of my passions at the same time.)

So why is it that other knitters tend to complain about this? I guess it will remain a mystery to me.

This week I have been working on Green Gable, Strawberry & Lime Socks, and Berry Bliss Socks. Here are my progress pictures.

First Strawberry & Lime Socks, when I originally posted this project on Ravelry I had started doing the leg of one of the socks in stockinette stitch, but have since frogged it back and as you can see have converted the leg to a 2×2 rib. I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make the leg as long as I wished so by converting it to 2×2 rib I could ultimately fold over the cuff if I so desired. As it turned out the yarn went a lot further than I had initially expected. I have just a few more inches to go on the second sock and this pair will be ready to wear.


Green Gable is also coming along nicely. This is the first time I have knitted a top down sweater in the round so it has been quite an experience. I had to start this project twice because the first time I wasn’t paying attention and on row 3 I forgot a yarn over so I just decided to start over. Then I ended up having to frog about 8 rows of the lace pattern because somehow I got off track and did the wrong pattern row and the lace looking like it was making stripes, which I didn’t like so I ripped it back. Then when I got to the arm holes I decided to try it on, which is the coolest thing about knitting a sweater in one piece. Having tried it on I discovered that the arm holes would be a little bit tight, but considering that the yarn was cotton I thought it might stretch a bit, so I proceeded. I completed 4 more rows and tried it on again, and yes in fact the arm holes where going to be too tight so instead of ending up with a sweater that I hated and never wore I ripped it back and added an additional increase. I haven’t tried it on again yet (that will come tonight), but I think it will fit much better.


In the past week or so I have also put a few more rows in on the Berry Bliss Socks that I started just before my wedding. I got this yarn from Miranda from knitting club, she hand dyed it and I love how the colors are knitting up.

I don’t believe I have posted any pictures of this project here on my blog, but they have been posted to Ravelry, which by the way I absolutely love. I still have a number of projects to add, but I have entered my most recent finished objects.


Here is also a picture of the socks I created for the Hill Country Sock Pattern Contest. This project was a lot of fun and I look forward to creating more sock patterns in the near future, because I do have yarn for about 30 more pairs of socks. Yikes, I had better get knitting.


For those of you who are already enjoying the fun on Ravelry my user name is BloomingKnitter, stop by and see me sometime.


One Response to “Stockinette Knitting”

  1. Larjmarj Says:

    So incredibly prolific with the knitting! I’m impressed!
    everything looks awesome. I bought yarn to make green gables and then changed my mind in favor of another pattern. Which of course I haven’t started. Such a flake.
    As for plain stockinette..sometimes boring is good.

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