Finished Objects

I am a little behind on posting these finished objects because it took me so long to get the pictures off my camera and into I know that is no excuse, but anyway, here is what I have officially finished.

Roll the Dice Bag, here it is drying. The cool thing about felting is that if it doesn’t come out exactly the way you wanted it the first time you can throw it back in the wash for another go round. I had to do that with this bag as well as the ones to follow. I guess the first time I didn’t want to let them get too small, but I really like how they turned out in the end. These pictures were taken over Memorial Weekend, but I haven’t had a chance to take additional pictures because I felted them a second time over this past weekend, and they are yet again drying.


French Market Bag – complete and in use


Machine knitted Bag before and after felting

Machine_knitted_bag_before_felting_052707 Machine_knitted_bag_felted_052707

I also finished the Turquoise Socks and wore them too. I love making socks. I cast on two more pairs this week, and will have some pictures soon.


The Baby Jacket, which I started in January just after the baby blanket was complete, is finally finished and gifted as well. I also made some cute little socks to match. The color of the sweater is a really nice shade of lavender, but this picture just doesn’t do it justice.


This week I have also done some gauge swatches for three new sweaters. The Green Gable, which will be made with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a berry color. I haven’t started this one yet, but hope to get started this weekend.  Day at the Beach Sweater in Twist by Knit Picks, I am not sure that I like this yarn, but I will probably make this sweater anyway. It looks like it would be great over a tank top on a cool night. I did start a sleeveless sweater with a cable in Aerie by Moda Dea. This yarn is so soft and yummy. I can’t wait until I finish this sweater so I can wear it. Pictures to come of all three as soon as I get more than just the cast on done.

So at this very moment here is what I have on my needles:

Brown Ribbed Sweater – a little further along on the arms, but still a ways to go.
Pink Short Sleeved Sweater – not sure I will ever finish this one, I don’t really like the yarn.
Pink & Green Basic Toe Up Socks made in Panda Cotton
Hill Country Sock Pattern Contest Sample Socks
Sleeveless Sweater with Cable made in Aerie
Green Gable – not started yet but soon to start
Day at the Beach Sweater – not started yet but soon to start

I can’t believe I cleaned up so many of my UFOs in just a few weeks. Now on to some new UFOs.


3 Responses to “Finished Objects”

  1. Miranda Says:

    I made a shawl for my mom out of Twist before and wasn’t too fond of it either. It looked like it should be a lot softer than it actually is.

  2. Larjmarj Says:

    Wowzers! Haven’t we been busy! Everything looks great love the ruffly cuff on the socks and the diagonal pattern on the roll the dice bag.

  3. may Says:

    I love the color combination in the first bag- very cool!

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