Oh my Gosh! My pattern for the Hill Country Yarn Sock Pattern Contest is finished, I think. I have to give it to a few test knitters to work out the kinks, but for the most part it is done. You should see all the notes, sketches, and re-sketches I have done for this pattern. I have so many slips of paper with notes and numerous sheets of graph paper used to plot out the pattern. I am sure a seasoned designer has a much better process than I used with this pattern. I think I need to invest in some spiral notebooks so I can track my progress with future designs. That way it will be much easier to see where I started and how it all ended up.

Anyway you look at it; I had lots of fun designing this pattern. It forced me to try new things and think outside the box. This process encouraged me to pave my own path rather than to follow someone else’s lead.

And you wouldn’t believe the brain power it takes to write out the pattern so someone else, even a novice knitter, can understand it, MUCH MUCH harder than actually coming up with the design itself.


5 Responses to “Designing”

  1. Amy Says:

    What works well for me is a file box with hanging files for each “customer” of mine. I just staple a copy of the finished pattern to the pile of notes and sketches and file it away. If I ever need to go back to find an error, it’s easy to remember what I was thinking since my notes are all there. Just a thought!
    P.S. Do you go to Troy on Wednesdays? It looks like you know a lot of my friends by the list of blogs you visit.

  2. Amby Says:

    I’ll be doing a test-knit as soon as I have the needles free!!!!

  3. Miranda Says:

    kudos! Sounds like it requires a lot more patience than I have. 😉

  4. Amanda Says:

    Can’t wait to see the pattern. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to design, good for you!

  5. Larjmarj Says:

    I’ve tried to write patterns out so that I can remember and read them, it’s hard! Congrats on finishing yours.

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