Happy Belated Birthday to ME

I know I don’t need any more yarn, and need wool even less, but I just had to get this yarn with the money I got for my birthday. Hey, it was on sale at a price that couldn’t be passed up, and as I was looking at the website it started talking to me and so many ideas popped into my head.


It is Cascade 220. This picture doesn’t really do the colors justice, but I plan to design a sweater with the purple/lavender and add some strips with the two greens and the white.  I will be starting a sweater designing class on June 9th so hopefully I will learn enough to be able to create this sweater. I can’t wait.

I also purchased some Tofutsies yarn in a coordinating color combination to make some socks to match the sweater. Again the picture doesn’t do it justice.


Happy Tuesday everyone.

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4 Responses to “Happy Belated Birthday to ME”

  1. Miranda Says:

    *pets screen* I still want to try some TOFUtsies. But all yarn is banished from the budget for now! haha

  2. Amanda Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Silly!! Hope you had a good one…

  3. Linda Says:

    Not that you need any more yarn, but these colors are beautiful!!!

  4. jae Says:

    I love the colorway of Tofutsies! I think it will knit up really nice.

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