Never to Old to be a Kid

So you already know that I am a video game junkie. I still play my Nintendo DS on a daily basis and I just bought one for my niece, whose birthday is in July. Now my sister is also getting into the action and playing Animal Crossing too. We now have 6 people in the family playing this game, and we are all addicted.

In addition to playing hand held video games I have also been enamored with Heely’s. They are the shoes with the wheels on the sole that allow you to skate or walk. Every time I see a kid with them I wish I had a pair. Never knowing what they were called or where to find them I never took the time to look for them.

Anyway, my 14 year old niece got a pair a month or so ago and now my other niece who is 11 wants a pair for her birthday. While talking to my mom about getting my niece them for her birthday, I found out that my 11 year old niece has a monstrous foot, size 8 women’s. She must be getting ready to grow about 8 inches. She is sure to sprout up taller than all of us. By the way, the 14 year old wears a size 5 shoe. It is funny how two sisters can be so different. It was the same with my sister and I. She out grew me by age 13, and I am the older sister.

My first worry was that the shoes didn’t come in her size, but to my surprise they do. They come in girls/women’s up to size 9 and boys/men’s up to a whopping size 12.

Needless to say I was very excited, because now I could get a pair myself, and I did. I know I am dork, but I think they are so cool. Up until today, I have only worn them around the house, and they are a lot harder to get use to then I ever imagined. Today, I decided to wear them to work so I could practice on the carpet in my office. I am still a little wobbly, but with time and practice I am sure to be rolling along without falling on my butt.

I am trying to talk Steve into getting a pair too, but so far he isn’t interested. But that is what he said about the Nintendo when I first tried to get him interested; now he is as addicted as I am.


2 Responses to “Never to Old to be a Kid”

  1. Larjmarj Says:

    Chances are pretty good that I would fall and break a hip if I tried these but they are cool.

  2. Miranda Says:

    We got my stepdaughter these for Christmas. I would certainly break my neck if I tried them out. Grace and balance definitely aren’t some of my fortes.

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