Desert Island Knitting

Originally I was going to talk about the books I decided to purchase with the gift certificate that my mom gave me for my birthday last week, but then I was over on Crafting Morrighana‘s site and decided to talk about Desert Island Knitting, which seems to be a hot topic these days on both blogs and podcasts. The book discussion will have to wait until tomorrow.

If I had to decide what three types of yarn I would take with me if I were stranded on a desert island what would they be? Assuming I would also have every other knitting supply readily available to me, including but not limited to every size needle, lots and lots of knitting books and all the notions I would ever need.

Now before you read my response, remember that I consider myself new to this fiber craft. I have known how to knit for about 20 years, but I am very new to all the wonderful fibers that are available. Until late last year I was only aware of the brands sold at the big box crafting stores, which are mostly acrylic, but now I know there is so much more to this craft. Having only really been experiencing different fibers for the past 5-6 months my fiber knowledge is still very limited so my selections are based on what I know today. I am sure if you ask me this same question a year from now my answer will be completely different.

When I first posed this question to myself my choices were Cascade 220, Shine Sport from KnitPicks, and Socks that Rock Light. Now the reason I choose Cascade 220 is because the enormous number of available colors, I would never get bored with the selection of colors, plus the yarn could be knit into many different things and I could felt it too. In addition, it would also keep me very warm if it should happen to get cold at night. My choice of Shine Sport is because the cotton could be knitted up light and airy for the hot days I would be experiencing assuming the island is tropical. It is a very soft yarn that feels great next to the skin and it would be a nice change from the wool in the Cascade. And who wouldn’t want Socks that Rock yarn if they were deserted on an island. I haven’t actually made socks from this yarn yet, but I ordered some awhile back and I love to just touch it and rub it on my face. I can’t wait to experience actually knitting with it.

Anyway, that was the off the top of my head answer, the answer that if I had 30 seconds to decide or I would have nothing at all. Then as I was typing up my response I got to thinking. If I had all the knitting supplies I would ever need that would mean that I would also have dyeing supplies too right. So I wouldn’t necessarily need Cascade 220 in every color, just dyes in every color and a bare wool yarn that would be similar to the texture and feel of Cascade 220. Same goes with the cotton Shine Sport I could get a Bare Shine that I could die in any color. So my choices haven’t changed much there, I still have a wool and a cotton yarn. I would still love to have Socks that Rock, but actually if I had to replace it with something else I would choose Roving. Now I am not currently a spinner, but I have watched other people spin and it does look quite peaceful. So if there was any possibility that I would some how get tired of knitting I would want some other fiber craft to pick up, and I think spinning would provide a great outlet for that as well as provide more yarn. I have no clue what type of roving I would want to take because I haven’t even thought about the possibility of becoming a spinner. Any suggestions?

So now I pose this question to you as well. You don’t have to provide me with the same level of detail behind why you chose the yarn you did, but I would love to know which three yarns you would want to take with you if you were deserted on a desert island. It might even provide me with some yarns I will have to check out.


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