Lots-O-Knitting to come & Ravelry.com

I am looking forward to a weekend of knitting. I have decided to take tomorrow off as a vacation day, and I will hopefully be spending the entire day knitting and watching Knitty Gritty. If it is a nice day I might even sit on the deck and knit. It sounds so relaxing I can’t wait.

Since I am a fairly slow knitter I don’t expect to actually finish anything tomorrow, except maybe those socks that are so close to being finished. Then on Saturday I am attending a crafting day at a friends church so there will be plenty of knitting time then too.

Today was listening to Manda of Knitting Psychos Podcast, the one from May 5th, I know I am a little behind, but there are so many great podcasts out there and there is only so much time in a day. Anyway, now I really want to get invited to join Ravelry.com. Manda gave a great description of all the wonderful things you can do on the site. I signed up to get an invitation last week but haven’t heard anything from they. I know they must be really busy getting things going, but I so much want to join. I just hope I didn’t accidentally delete the email if they already sent it. I am pretty sure that I accidentally deleted an E-Greeting Birthday card earlier this week. Steve told me that he sent one, but I never got it or maybe I deleted it by mistaking thinking it was SPAM. He showed me the confirmation he got, so I must have deleted it. Opps!

Anyway, Freckle Girl, if you are out there, I really want to join the fun. Please pick me.

I promise to have some pictures by the end of the weekend, even if they are only WIPs and not FOs. Hope everyone has a great day and an even greater weekend.


One Response to “Lots-O-Knitting to come & Ravelry.com”

  1. Larjmarj Says:

    I just heard about Ravelry, I hesitate only because of the amount of time that I spend online as it is!

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